Crime,Comedy  South Korea 

As the show progresses, Cha Yeon-ho and Min So-hee find themselves teaming up to solve various traffic-related crimes in Seoul. Despite their different approaches to investigation and their contrasting personalities, the two gradually develop a strong partnership and mutual respect for each other.

Throughout the series, Cha Yeon-ho uses his logical reasoning and analytical skills to uncover hidden clues and patterns, while Min So-hee relies on her intuition and emotional intelligence to connect with the victims and witnesses involved in each case. Together, they navigate through the complexities of traffic accidents, hit-and-runs, and other crimes to bring justice to those affected.

As they work together, Cha Yeon-ho and Min So-hee also face personal challenges and conflicts that test their beliefs and values. Cha Yeon-ho, a self-proclaimed individualist, learns the importance of teamwork and empathy, while Min So-hee confronts her own biases and struggles to balance her professional duties with her personal relationships.

As their bond deepens, Cha Yeon-ho and Min So-hee must confront their own demons and insecurities in order to solve the most challenging cases and make a real difference in the lives of those they serve. Along the way, they discover that sometimes the biggest obstacles to justice are not the crimes themselves, but the internal struggles and doubts that come with seeking the truth.

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