Watch Costa!! The Series TV Show English Subtitles

The Club's Challenge: Staff Takes Charge During Owner's Retreat

Comedy  Netherlands 

As the staff of the Costa Club takes on the responsibility of keeping the club running smoothly, they face a series of challenges and obstacles. With the owner away, rival clubs see an opportunity to try and take over the Costa's clientele. The staff must work together to come up with creative solutions to keep the club's popularity and reputation intact.

In the midst of the chaos, the staff also navigate their own personal dramas and relationships. From budding romances to longstanding friendships being put to the test, the team at the Costa Club must find a way to balance their professional responsibilities with their personal lives.

As they strive to uphold the club's success in the absence of their owner, the staff discover their own strengths and abilities, as well as the true meaning of teamwork and solidarity. Through their trials and tribulations, they ultimately learn that they are capable of overcoming any obstacle as long as they work together.

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