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Struggling Marriage, Failing Comedy Club: A Hapless Juggle

Comedy  Indonesia 

Sure! After being ousted from his own company, the protagonist, Dave, is forced to find a new source of income. He decides to invest his time and money into reviving a struggling comedy club that he had always dreamed of owning.

As Dave works to rebuild the comedy club, he must also navigate the challenges of his delicate marriage. His wife, Sarah, is supportive but also frustrated by the uncertainty of their financial situation and the time Dave is spending on the club. This adds comedic tension to their relationship as they try to find a balance between pursuing their dreams and maintaining a stable family life.

Meanwhile, Dave must also contend with the quirky and unpredictable comedians who perform at his club. From managing their outrageous demands to dealing with their larger-than-life personalities, Dave finds himself in hilarious and chaotic situations as he tries to bring success to the struggling venue.

As the series progresses, Dave learns valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and the importance of humor in the face of adversity. With the help of his loyal friends and the support of the comedy community, Dave begins to turn the club around and find success in an unexpected new career path.

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