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Documentary  United States of America  2024

Casts: Carla Hall,

In each episode of Chasing Flavor, Carla Hall delves into the rich history and diverse cultural influences behind popular dishes in America. She searches for the authentic flavors and techniques behind the recipes, connecting with local cooks and experts to uncover the true origins of these beloved foods.

Throughout her journey, Carla discovers the unique ingredients, cooking methods, and traditions that have shaped the evolution of classic dishes such as burgers, tacos, pizza, and more. She explores the stories and culinary techniques that have been passed down through generations, shedding light on the multicultural tapestry that makes up American cuisine.

As Carla travels from city to city and country to country, she learns about the impact of immigration, trade, and colonization on food culture, and how these diverse influences have come together to create the vibrant and ever-evolving culinary landscape of America. Through her exploration, Carla celebrates the diversity and interconnectedness of food traditions around the world, bringing new insights and perspectives to familiar dishes and flavors.

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