Watch Charles in Charge TV Show Ending

The Adventures of Babysitter Charles: College Life and Chaos

Comedy  United States of America 

Charles in Charge follows the life of Charles, a young college student who becomes the live-in babysitter for the Powell family. Throughout the series, Charles faces various challenges as he navigates his responsibilities as a caregiver while also dealing with his own personal life and relationships.

The Powell family consists of father Walter, a workaholic who is often absent from home, mother Ellen, a busy working woman, and their three children: Jamie, the oldest daughter who is portrayed as a typical teenage girl dealing with school, boys, and other issues; Sarah, the middle child who is quirky and often gets into mischief; and Adam, the youngest child who is portrayed as an adorable troublemaker.

Charles forms close relationships with the Powell family and becomes a mentor and friend to the children. He also faces various challenges and conflicts with other characters, such as his best friend Buddy, his crush Gwendolyn, and his rival Stan Pembroke.

Throughout the series, Charles learns valuable lessons about responsibility, friendship, and family, and viewers are treated to heartwarming and humorous moments as the characters navigate the ups and downs of life together.


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