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The Crowned Lion: Charlemagne's Rise and Reign

Action & Adventure,Drama  France 

The miniseries follows Charlemagne, played by Christian Brendel, as he navigates the politics and warfare of the Frankish Kingdom in the 8th century. It portrays his struggles with rivals and enemies, including his brother Carloman and the Lombards, as well as his efforts to expand the Frankish Empire through military conquest.

The series also explores Charlemagne's personal life, including his relationships with his wives and children, as well as his close bond with his advisor Alcuin, played by Léonard Auxéméry. It delves into Charlemagne's efforts to promote education and culture within his empire, including his support for the Carolingian Renaissance.

As Charlemagne's power grows, he faces challenges from within and without, including plots from nobles seeking to undermine his rule and conflicts with neighboring kingdoms. The miniseries culminates in Charlemagne's coronation as Emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III in 800, marking the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire.

Overall, Charlemagne, le prince à cheval provides a dramatic and engaging portrayal of one of the most important figures in European history, capturing the complexities of his reign and the turbulent times in which he lived.


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