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Rum and Power: A Cuban-American Saga

Drama  United States of America 

The show revolves around the Duques, a wealthy and powerful Cuban-American family based in South Florida. The patriarch of the family, Pancho Duque (played by Jimmy Smits), is the head of the family business which includes a rum and sugar cane empire. Pancho's two sons, Frank (played by Nestor Carbonell) and Alex (played by Eddie Matos), are both involved in the family business but have very different approaches to running the company.

Frank is the older, more responsible son who is groomed to take over the family business. He is married to his high school sweetheart and has two children. However, he is constantly overshadowed by his younger brother, Alex, who is seen as the golden boy of the family. Alex is impulsive and ambitious, always looking for ways to expand the family business and make a name for himself.

The family is also grappling with the presence of Ellis Samuels (played by Hector Elizondo), a powerful and ruthless businessman who has a history with the Duque family. As tensions rise between the two families, secrets and betrayals are revealed that threaten to tear the Duques apart.

Cane explores themes of family loyalty, power struggles, and the complexities of running a successful business in a cutthroat industry. The show delves into the personal lives of the Duque family members, their relationships with each other, and the challenges they face in balancing their personal ambitions with the expectations of their family. Ultimately, the show explores the question of whether the Duques can stick together and overcome their differences to protect their legacy and survive in the competitive world of business.


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