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Reckless Riders: Outlaws of Copenhagen's Underbelly

Drama,Crime  Denmark 

As the group of lost youth in Copenhagen becomes increasingly enmeshed in the biker gang 'Bullshit', they find a sense of camaraderie and purpose that had been missing from their lives. Led by the charismatic and enigmatic leader, the gang quickly becomes a tight-knit family for its members.

However, as the gang's activities become more violent and illegal, tensions begin to rise within the group. Some members start to question the gang's methods and motives, while others become more entrenched in the lifestyle.

The conflict within 'Bullshit' comes to a head when a rival gang threatens their territory and puts the members in danger. The group must band together like never before to protect their turf and each other, leading to a dramatic showdown that will test their loyalty and resolve.

As the stakes get higher and the consequences become more dire, the youth of 'Bullshit' must navigate a complex web of betrayal, loyalty, and survival as they fight to stay afloat in a world that seems determined to tear them apart.

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