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Drama  France  2020

Casts: Olivier Chantreau,Mareme N'Diaye,

Title: "Shadows of Dakar"

Episode 1: "Whispers of Desire"
Set in the late 1930s, the episode introduces us to Dakar, an exotic and bustling city in French West Africa. We follow the lives of two main characters, Amina, a young Senegalese woman, and Thomas, a French naval officer stationed in Dakar. Amina works as a maid in a lavish French household, while Thomas struggles with the turmoil of his emotions as he is torn between his duty and his growing infatuation for Amina. As their paths cross amidst the electric atmosphere of Dakar's vibrant nightlife, an undeniable passion ignites, setting the stage for a forbidden love story.

Episode 2: "Fires of Betrayal"
Set during World War II, Dakar becomes a battleground for political interests and personal betrayals. Amina and Thomas find themselves caught in the chaos as Dakar becomes a strategic location for the Free French Forces and the Vichy Regime. Thomas is torn between loyalty to his country and his love for Amina, while Amina faces the harsh reality of a city teetering on the brink of war. As their lives intertwine with the political landscape, secrets are unveiled, alliances are tested, and the flames of love and betrayal burn ever brighter.

Episode 3: "Echoes of Freedom"
The year is 1945, and Dakar finds itself on the cusp of change. The war has ended, and a sense of liberation permeates the city. Amidst this newfound hope, Amina and Thomas, now married in secret, dream of a future together. However, their love story encounters new challenges as the winds of independence blow across Africa, with Dakar at its epicenter. The struggle for freedom and national identity unfolds, affecting both their personal lives and the fate of Dakar itself. Amidst political turmoil and the birth of a nation, their love faces its ultimate test.

Episode 4: "Whispers of the Past"
Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the final episode navigates the last chapters of Amina and Thomas's love story. As Dakar stands on the brink of independence, ghosts from the past resurface to haunt them. Secrets long buried threaten to destroy everything they hold dear. The power of their love is tested once more as old wounds are reopened, culminating in a heart-wrenching climax that forces them to confront their past and make choices that will shape their future in this changing world. As the white sands of Dakar witness their final moments of love, hate, and war, their saga serves as a poignant reflection of a bygone era.

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