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Drama  Spain  2023

Casts: Begoña Maestre,Belén Écija,Malena Gutiérrez,Llorenç González,Juanjo Puigcorbé

"Between Lands" is a thrilling Spanish TV series produced by Atresmedia, Boomerang TV, and Atresmedia Cine. The show revolves around a group of individuals who find themselves trapped in an alternate dimension called "The Between Lands."

Begoña Maestre plays Marta, a fearless and resourceful police officer who leads the group, trying to unravel the mysteries of this supernatural realm. Belén Écija portrays Clara, a brilliant scientist, and close friend of Marta, who uses her knowledge to investigate the nature of The Between Lands. Malena Gutiérrez takes on the role of Lucía, a young woman haunted by a dark past and seeking redemption within this eerie dimension.

Llorenç González plays Javier, a talented hacker who is unexpectedly pulled into The Between Lands. As the group's technical expert, Javier strives to find a way back home while outmaneuvering the malevolent forces that reside in this strange dimension. Additionally, Juanjo Puigcorbé acts as Álvaro, an enigmatic and powerful character, who holds the secrets to the origin and purpose of The Between Lands.

Throughout the series, the protagonists face various challenges, including hostile entities and personal inner demons. As they navigate this dangerous new world, they uncover hidden truths and confront their darkest fears. With each episode, the group's bond grows stronger as they strive to find a way back to their own reality, all while uncovering the mysteries behind The Between Lands and their own connection to it.

"Between Lands" combines elements of mystery, drama, and fantasy to create a suspenseful plot that keeps viewers engaged as they journey through this foreboding alternate dimension alongside the show's captivating characters.

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