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Chasing Dreams: Love and Success

Drama  China 

As Ji Xing and her brother work hard to build up their startup, they face numerous challenges and setbacks, including competition from larger companies and financial struggles. However, with Han Ting's mentorship and guidance, they are able to navigate the tough business world and make their mark in the industry.

Meanwhile, Ji Xing struggles to move on from her breakup with her first love, who she still harbors feelings for. As she throws herself into her work, she begins to realize her own worth and starts to see Han Ting in a different light. The two of them develop a close bond as they work together to make Xingchen a success.

As the series progresses, Ji Xing's ex-boyfriend re-enters her life, causing further emotional turmoil and confusion. Ji Xing must navigate her feelings for both men while also dealing with the pressures of running a startup and maintaining her relationships with her family and friends.

Through perseverance and determination, Ji Xing and her team overcome the odds and achieve success with Xingchen. Along the way, Ji Xing learns valuable lessons about life, love, and the importance of following your dreams.

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