Argevollen TV Show Synopsis

Mech Wars: Argevollen's U-Link Destiny

Animation  Japan 

As Tokimune continues to pilot the Argevollen, he starts to uncover a conspiracy within his own military that threatens the safety of both Arandas and Ingelmia. Alongside his fellow soldiers in Independent Unit 8, including his childhood friend and fellow pilot Susumu, Tokimune must navigate the complex political landscape of war while also coming to terms with the toll that piloting the Argevollen takes on his mind and body.

As the war between Arandas and Ingelmia escalates, Tokimune and his team are faced with increasingly challenging missions and dangerous enemies, all while trying to decipher the true intentions of those in power. The struggle for victory becomes personal for Tokimune as he learns more about the origins of the Argevollen and the secrets surrounding its development.

Throughout the series, Tokimune and his comrades will have to make difficult choices and sacrifices in order to protect their homeland and uncover the truth behind the war. With the fate of both countries hanging in the balance, Tokimune will have to rely on his own instincts and the bonds he has forged with his fellow soldiers in order to survive the brutal realities of war.


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