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The Chipmunks: Trouble in Stereo

Animation  France,United States of America 

In the show, Dave Seville juggles his career as a struggling music producer with the responsibility of looking after Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor. The Chipmunks get into various escapades and misadventures, often causing chaos and mischief wherever they go. From dealing with school bullies to trying to win the school talent show, the Chipmunks find themselves in all kinds of humorous situations.

Despite their mischievous nature, the Chipmunks always come together as a family to support each other through thick and thin. Along the way, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of family. Throughout the series, viewers are treated to catchy original songs that showcase the Chipmunks' musical talents and entertain audiences of all ages.

Overall, Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks is a fun and heartwarming show that will have viewers laughing, singing along, and rooting for the lovable Chipmunks as they navigate the ups and downs of life with their devoted father figure, Dave Seville.
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