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Crime,Action & Adventure  China  2023


As Detective Su Cheng Xi, constable Sui Han Bai, and assassin Zuo Han Qin delve deeper into the mysterious case, they uncover a complex web of secrets and deceit in Jianghu, the hidden world of martial arts practitioners. The Shi Wei Map, an ancient artifact said to hold the key to unimaginable treasures, becomes the center of attention for various factions in Jianghu.

As the detectives investigate the disappearance of the opera troupe, they soon discover that the troupe members were all skilled martial artists hiding their true identities. It becomes clear that they were targeted for their knowledge of the Shi Wei Map. The detectives suspect that someone is eliminating those who possess any information about the map.

The discovery of piles of bones in the Shangtang River adds another layer of intrigue to the case. The bones seem to be from individuals who were killed using highly skilled martial arts techniques. Investigating further, the team uncovers a hidden martial arts sect known as the Bonebreakers, notorious for their lethal fighting style.

The connection between the bones and the mythical map becomes more apparent as they unravel the past. It is revealed that long ago, a powerful martial artist named Wei Shi discovered the Shi Wei Map and guarded its secret location until his death. The bones found in the river belong to those who tried to snatch the map from Wei Shi but failed, falling victim to his deadly skills.

It is gradually revealed that the Bonebreakers seek to obtain the Shi Wei Map at any cost. They believe that possessing it will grant them ultimate power and control over Jianghu. Simultaneously, other factions, including rival martial arts schools and power-hungry individuals, also set their sights on the map.

As the detectives race against time to find the map before it falls into the wrong hands, they become entangled in a dangerous game of double-crossings, betrayal, and hidden alliances. Their own lives are at stake as they face relentless attacks from the Bonebreakers and other parties hungry for power.

Throughout their investigation, personal histories and secrets of the detectives themselves are revealed, adding further complexity to the plot. They face personal dilemmas and must confront deep-seated fears and motivations, all while trying to prevent the chaos that would ensue if the Shi Wei Map fell into the wrong hands.

With each new revelation, the detectives get closer to uncovering the true identity of Wei Shi's successor – the one who holds the key to finding the map's burial place. The thrilling adventure takes them through treacherous terrain, hidden temples, and deadly encounters, as they ultimately race to secure the map and restore balance in Jianghu.

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