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Escape from the Belgrade Apocalypse: An Interpol Horror Story

Action,Horror  Serbia,Italy,Spain 

As the group travels through the contaminated area, they come across various challenges and obstacles, including more infected individuals and hostile survivors. The group is forced to make tough decisions in order to survive, leading to tension and conflict among the members.

As they struggle to make it to safety, they must also deal with the prisoner's secretive and unpredictable behavior. It is gradually revealed that the prisoner possesses important knowledge about the outbreak and may hold the key to finding a cure.

Along the way, the group encounters other survivors, some of whom are willing to help and others who pose a threat. As they continue their journey, they must navigate through the dangerous landscape while also facing internal struggles and personal demons.

The film culminates in a thrilling and action-packed finale as the group races against time to escape the infected zone and find a way to stop the spread of the virus before it's too late. With twists and turns, unexpected alliances, and intense zombie encounters, Zone of the Dead is a gripping and suspenseful horror film that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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