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Documentary  United States of America  2020

Casts: James Hansen,Julia Olson,

Youth v Gov is a powerful documentary that chronicles the journey of 21 young activists from different states in the United States as they take on the federal government in a groundbreaking lawsuit. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaking company behind The Ivory Game and Step, the film highlights the immense power of youth activism and their fight for climate justice.

The documentary delves deep into the evidence presented in the lawsuit, which argues that the government's actions throughout the past six decades have endangered the constitutional rights of these young activists and every citizen. The case focuses on how government policies and negligence have contributed to the creation of the climate crisis, posing a serious threat to their rights to life, liberty, and property.

As the film unfolds, it portrays the immense challenges faced by these passionate activists as they confront powerful political forces, industry interests, and bureaucratic hurdles. The youth activists, ranging from teenagers to young adults, demonstrate incredible resilience and determination, refusing to back down in their quest for accountability.

Through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and emotional moments, the film explores the personal stories and motivations of the young plaintiffs. It captures their frustration, anger, and hope as they come together to challenge the government in the interest of future generations.

Youth v Gov is not only a legal drama but also a testament to the strength of youth activism. The documentary showcases the growing movement of young people taking a stand against the climate crisis, highlighting how their voices can lead and inspire change. It serves as a call to action for viewers to rethink their own roles in addressing the climate crisis and supporting those who fight for climate justice.

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