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The Quest for the Fallen Kingdom's Salvation

Comedy,Adventure,Fantasy  United States of America 

In the kingdom of Mourne, Prince Thadeus is a lazy and arrogant prince who spends his days drinking and carousing, much to the disapproval of his father, King Tallious. Thadeus's younger brother, Prince Fabious, is the exact opposite - brave, noble, and beloved by the people of the kingdom.

When Fabious's bride-to-be, Belladonna, is kidnapped by an evil wizard named Leezar, Fabious embarks on a quest to rescue her. Thadeus is reluctantly dragged along, much to his dismay. Along the way, the brothers encounter a colorful cast of characters including a warrior woman named Isabel, a wise wizard named Courtney, and a minotaur.

Despite their differences, Thadeus and Fabious must learn to work together in order to overcome various obstacles and challenges on their quest. Along the way, Thadeus begins to mature and realize the importance of duty, honor, and family.

As they journey to rescue Belladonna, the brothers uncover a dark secret about their father's past that threatens the entire kingdom. In a climactic showdown, Thadeus and Fabious must put aside their differences and work together to defeat Leezar and save their father's kingdom.

In the end, Thadeus learns to embrace his responsibilities as a prince and proves himself to be a true hero alongside his brother. Your Highness is a hilarious and action-packed fantasy adventure that combines elements of comedy, drama, and romance to create a truly unique and entertaining film.


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