Free watch You, Me, and that Mountain Retreat Movie online

TV Movie,Comedy,Romance  United States of America  2024

Casts: Jacob Kaufman,Sarah East,Michael Patrick Lane,Ryan McIntyre,Gladys Bautista

Plot details:

Rebecca, a talented product designer, finds herself longing for a job change. Seeking a new challenge, she sets her sights on a trendy outdoorsy company located in Tahoe. During her job interview, she stretches the truth about her leadership skills, claiming to be a confident and capable leader.

To assess candidates' compatibility with the company's culture, the company organizes a retreat in the mountains of Tahoe. Rebecca is selected, along with other potential employees, to participate in this assessment process. She is paired up with Nathan, a sharp and ambitious salesman also vying for a position at the company.

However, there is one major obstacle for their successful collaboration - Nathan has an absolute disdain for anything related to the outdoors. He is a city person through and through and feels completely out of his element in nature.

As the retreat commences, Rebecca and Nathan must find a way to put their differences aside and work together in order to succeed. They are assigned a challenging project that requires outdoor activities and navigation through the wilderness. Despite their initial clashes and differing personalities, they gradually realize that they have complementary skills that can help them accomplish their tasks.

As Rebecca and Nathan spend more time together, navigating the mountains and facing various outdoor challenges, they begin to form a bond. They discover each other's strengths and weaknesses, supporting and encouraging each other along the way. Through their shared experiences, they develop a deep friendship that eventually blossoms into something more as they fall in love.

While Rebecca's initial intention may have been to secure a job, she finds herself questioning whether the job is worth compromising her values and integrity. She grapples with the decision of whether to continue with the lie she told during the interview or to come clean about her true abilities as a leader.

As the retreat comes to a close, Rebecca and Nathan successfully complete their project and impress the company's executives. However, Rebecca decides to confess her deceit during the final evaluation process, risking her chances of getting the job.

In a heartfelt confession, Rebecca acknowledges her mistake but expresses her dedication to personal growth and genuine leadership. To her surprise, the company is impressed by her honesty. Recognizing her potential and growth mindset, they offer her a position on the condition that she continues to develop her leadership skills.

Rebecca accepts the job offer, grateful for the opportunity to prove herself genuinely. She and Nathan, now officially a couple, navigate the challenges of their new roles in the company together, supporting each other while staying true to themselves and eventually finding success in their respective careers and personal lives.

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