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Thriller,Drama  Cameroon  2023

Casts: Tim Yanick,Harry Junior,Chenwi Godloves,Mbang Hilda,

Title: Wrong Journey

Plot Details:

1. The College Students' Exploration:
A group of five adventurous college students decides to embark on a journey to a sacred forest known for its mystical legends and rumored supernatural occurrences. Their main goal is to experience the forest's unexplained phenomena firsthand and possibly document them for their anthropology project.

2. The Unusual Occurrence in the Sacred Forest:
While exploring the sacred forest, the group experiences a series of unsettling events. They witness unexplained lights, eerie sounds, and strange symbols carved into trees. The students find themselves increasingly curious and excited about the mysterious forest, unaware of the danger lying ahead.

3. The Encounter with a Supernatural Entity:
As night falls, the college students set up camp near the heart of the sacred forest. Suddenly, they stumble upon an ancient shrine hidden deep within the woods. While investigating, they unknowingly awaken a vengeful, malevolent supernatural entity that lies dormant within the shrine.

4. The Return Home:
Terrified and deeply affected by the occurrence, the group hastily abandons their exploration of the sacred forest and returns home. They hope to find solace in the familiarity of their daily lives, but they soon realize that their encounter with the forest has brought something much more sinister with them.

5. The Mysterious Elimination:
One by one, the college students start experiencing inexplicable and deadly accidents. Strange occurrences plague their everyday lives, making them question their sanity. The supernatural entity they accidentally unleashed in the sacred forest stalks them relentlessly, ensuring no one is left unharmed.

6. Desperate Measures:
Recognizing that their lives are in grave danger, the remaining college students band together to unravel the secrets of the sacred forest and the entity hunting them. They delve deep into folklore, consulting experts, and seeking guidance from local mystics.

7. The Final Confrontation:
Armed with newfound knowledge and ancient rituals, the group returns to the sacred forest. Facing insurmountable odds, they must confront the supernatural entity head-on to break the curse and save themselves from certain death.

8. The Resolution:
In a gripping and intense battle, the college students manage to weaken the supernatural entity and successfully perform the ancient ritual that seals it away once more. However, they suffer loss and realize that they are forever changed by the journey and the terrors they faced.

9. The Aftermath:
With the entity defeated, the surviving students are left to pick up the pieces of their lives. They are haunted by the memories of the forest and the tragedy that unfolded. The experience forever alters their perception of the world, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for the dangers that lie beyond the surface of our reality.

"Wrong Journey" is a suspenseful supernatural horror that explores the consequences of curiosity and the price one must pay for meddling with the unknown forces of the universe.

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