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Lost in Paradise: Miami Mystery

Thriller  United States of America 

Sure! In What Happens in Miami, a group of best friends travels to Miami for spring break to celebrate their graduation from college. They are excited to have a relaxing and carefree vacation, but their plans take a dark turn when one of their friends goes missing. As the days pass without any sign of their friend, the group becomes increasingly concerned and begins to search for clues about his whereabouts.

However, their vacation quickly becomes a nightmare when they realize that they are the prime suspects in their friend's disappearance. As they struggle to uncover the truth and clear their names, they face numerous obstacles and challenges, including mistrust from local authorities and conflicting evidence.

The group of friends must work together to uncover the real culprit and find their missing friend before it's too late. As the tension and suspicion rise, they begin to question their friendship and trust in each other, leading to surprising revelations and unexpected twists in their search for the truth. Ultimately, they must rely on their bond and resourcefulness to navigate the dangerous and deceptive world of Miami and unravel the mystery behind their friend's disappearance.

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