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Fatal Summer: A Twisted Friendship

Drama  United States of America 

As Sammy and Emily bond over shared experiences of feeling like outsiders in their respective social circles, they find solace in each other's company. Sammy, a rebellious and street-smart city girl, introduces Emily, a sheltered and naive suburbanite, to a world of excitement and danger that both scares and thrills her.

One night, while out exploring a deserted farmhouse, the girls stumble upon a group of older boys engaged in illegal activity. In a moment of panic, they find themselves drawn into a high-stakes situation that quickly spirals out of control, leading to a tragic accident.

As they grapple with the aftermath of their actions, Sammy and Emily must navigate the complexities of guilt, betrayal, and loyalty in their friendship. As secrets unravel and tensions rise, the girls find themselves on opposing sides of a dangerous game that threatens to destroy everything they've come to cherish.

What seemed like a summer of freedom and excitement quickly becomes a fight for survival as Sammy and Emily are forced to confront the darkness within themselves and each other. In the end, they must make difficult choices that will shape their futures and test the limits of their bond.


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