Welcome Home, Brother! Movie Rating

Bound by Blood: Journey Home

Comedy  Czech Republic,Slovakia,Serbia 

Welcome Home, Brother! is a drama film produced by Itafilm that follows the story of two brothers, Marko and Nikola, who have been separated for years due to their parents' divorce. Marko, played by Radoje Čupić, has been living with their father in the city while Nikola, played by Martin Hofmann, has been living with their mother in the countryside.

When their father passes away, Marko returns to the countryside to be with his mother, played by Susanna Martinková, and his brother. However, tensions rise between the brothers as they struggle to come to terms with their past and their roles in the family. As they navigate their troubled relationship, they must face their own demons and learn to forgive each other in order to truly move forward.

Sandra Galađik and Miroslav Babiak also star in this emotional tale of family, forgiveness, and ultimately, love. Welcome Home, Brother! explores the complex dynamics between siblings and the power of forgiveness in overcoming past wounds.

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