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Snowbound Shenanigans: Skiing for Rent

Comedy  United States of America 

Weak Layers is a hilarious comedy that follows the wild adventures of three best friends, Jake, Mike, and Tim, who find themselves facing eviction from their beloved mountain town after their out-of-control partying gets them into trouble with their landlord. Determined to keep a roof over their heads and inspired by their passion for skiing, the trio stumbles upon a ski-movie competition with a substantial cash prize that could save them from homelessness.

Excited by the opportunity, Jake, Mike, and Tim decide to enter the competition, eagerly envisioning themselves as overnight skiing sensations. However, they soon realize that they are up against not only professional skiers but also talented filmmakers, which seems like an insurmountable challenge for three party-loving amateurs.

Undeterred, they come up with a crazy plan to create the wildest ski movie ever seen. With little experience in filmmaking, they recruit the help of an eccentric local filmmaker named Stacy, who sees their potential and reluctantly agrees to guide them on their unconventional journey to ski-movie stardom.

As they start shooting their movie, the trio encounters numerous hilarious obstacles and misadventures. From dramatic wipeouts on treacherous slopes to outrageous parties that seem to always spiral out of control, their quest to create a winning ski movie becomes a rollercoaster of comedic trials and unexpected triumphs. Along the way, they confront the male-dominated ski industry and challenge stereotypes, proving that their friendship, passion, and determination can overcome any obstacle.

Simultaneously, as their ski movie gains traction, Jake, Mike, and Tim navigate their complicated personal lives. They juggle relationships, confront their individual fears and insecurities, and ultimately learn the value of true friendship and the importance of pursuing their dreams.

As the competition culminates in a thrilling ski showdown, the trio finds themselves facing their biggest challenge yet. Will their unique and outrageous ski movie be enough to win against the professionals and secure their financial stability? Weak Layers is a heartwarming and uproarious film that not only celebrates the spirit of mountain towns but also challenges societal norms by empowering three fun-loving friends to disrupt the male-dominated ski industry with their unfiltered enthusiasm, love for skiing, and unbreakable bond.

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