Documentary,Drama  United Kingdom 

The Wanderer is a fearless and resourceful young girl who sets out on a journey across England during a pandemic. As she travels through various regions, she encounters different challenges and obstacles, including scarce resources, hostile individuals, and the ongoing threat of the virus.

In 'The North', The Wanderer traverses the rugged landscapes of Northern England, relying on her survival skills to navigate through the harsh terrain. Along the way, she meets other survivors and forms fleeting connections with them, highlighting the importance of human connection in times of crisis.

In 'The Land of Smoke', The Wanderer enters a city that has been deeply affected by the pandemic, with smoke-filled streets and abandoned buildings. Here, she confronts the harsh realities of economic inequality and social injustice, witnessing firsthand the disparities between different classes of society.

In 'The Kingdom of the East', The Wanderer encounters a community that has managed to thrive despite the challenges of the pandemic. She learns about their unique cultural heritage and traditions, finding a sense of belonging and acceptance in their midst. However, she also faces the dilemma of whether to stay and settle down or continue her journey towards an uncertain future.

Throughout the film, The Wanderer grapples with questions of identity, belonging, and the meaning of home in a world that has been reshaped by the pandemic. As she travels through the changing landscapes of England, she ultimately learns to embrace her own resilience and adaptability, finding strength in her ability to navigate the unknown.

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