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Yearning Hearts: Searching for Love's Perfect Timing

Drama,Romance,Comedy  China 

Wen is a shy and awkward guy who is deeply infatuated with Fei, the girl of his dreams. Despite his best efforts to impress her, Fei only sees him as a friend. Frustrated and heartbroken, Wen seeks advice from his best friends, who offer him both support and humorous comic relief.

As Wen continues to pursue Fei, he starts to realize that perhaps there is someone else who has been there for him all along - his loyal and supportive friend Nana. Nana has always been by his side, offering him encouragement and guidance, but Wen has never considered her as a potential romantic partner.

As Wen navigates the complicated world of love and relationships, he begins to see Nana in a new light and starts to question his feelings for Fei. Will Wen finally realize that true love may have been waiting for him all along, right in front of his eyes? Will he have the courage to pursue Nana and risk losing his friendship with Fei? Waiting Alone is a heartwarming and relatable story about love, friendship, and self-discovery.


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