Watch Urartu. The Forgotten Kingdom Movie English Subtitles

Urartu: The Lost Civilization Revisited

History,Documentary,Drama  Russia,Armenia 

The documentary Urartu: The Forgotten Kingdom delves into the rich history and culture of the ancient state of Urartu. Through expert analysis and archaeological discoveries, viewers are taken on a journey to uncover the mysteries of this ancient civilization. The film explores the origins of Urartu, its rise to power, and its eventual decline.

Viewers will learn about the advanced culture, economy, and religious practices of the Urartians. The documentary showcases the groundbreaking research that has shed light on the influence of Urartu on neighboring empires such as the Persian Empire and ancient Greece.

Through stunning visuals and expert interviews, Urartu: The Forgotten Kingdom brings to life the vibrant history of this ancient state and highlights its importance in shaping the world we know today. Join us on a fascinating journey to uncover the secrets of Urartu and discover the legacy of this forgotten kingdom.

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