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The Tollbooth Heist: Saving My Son's Soul

Drama  Brazil,Portugal 

As Suellen delves deeper into her plan to help the gang of thieves, she becomes proficient at identifying potential victims who are wearing expensive watches. Disguised as a trustworthy toll booth attendant, she subtly marks these individuals to alert the gang members, who then follow and stage daring heists.

However, as Suellen continues her double life, she begins to question her actions and the moral implications of her choices. She becomes conflicted with her desire to support her son's well-being, but at the expense of others' safety. Additionally, Suellen slowly starts to realize the negative consequences of gay conversion therapy, and the harm it might do to her son.

During one of the watch heists, one of the victims, David, manages to escape the clutches of the thieves. In his pursuit to retrieve his watch, David uncovers Suellen's involvement and confronts her. Initially furious, David gradually recognizes Suellen's predicament and the underlying motivation behind her actions. Moved by her love for her son, David decides to help Suellen find an alternative and more accepting path for her son's sexuality.

Together, Suellen and David embark on a mission to find resources and support groups that can help her son without resorting to harmful conversion therapy. They come across a network of LGBTQ+ activists and allies who tirelessly fight against such practices. In the process, Suellen gains a better understanding of acceptance and the importance of unconditional love for her son.

Throughout their journey, Suellen not only fights for her son but also helps expose the gang of thieves, eventually leading to their capture by the authorities. The toll booth attendant takes a stand against criminal activities, simultaneously redeeming herself and finding her own sense of justice.

In the climax, Suellen's son, unaware of his mother's involvement, discovers how his mother earned the money for his workshop. After a heartwarming confrontation and open dialogue, he forgives her, realizing her actions stemmed from a place of love and ignorance. With newfound acceptance and understanding, Suellen's son refuses to attend conversion therapy and instead pursues a life of happiness and self-discovery.

"Toll" ultimately portrays the journey of a mother's unconditional love for her child and the lengths she is willing to go to secure their happiness. It exposes the dangers of conversion therapy while emphasizing the significance of acceptance and the power of forgiveness.

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