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Horror,Thriller,Drama  United States of America  2022

Casts: Jennifer Lafleur,Alexia Rasmussen,Joslyn Jensen,Emily Decker,Frank Mosley

Plot Details:

"They Want Me Gone" tells the gripping story of a determined mother named Sarah, who resides in a poverty-stricken rural community with her young daughter, Emily. Despite facing numerous hardships, Sarah's unwavering love for her child drives her to strive for a better life.

The movie opens with Sarah working tirelessly on a small farm, barely earning enough to make ends meet. Despite her efforts, the burden of poverty weighs heavily on Sarah and Emily, who dream of a more prosperous life. Sarah's resilience and determination push her to find alternative sources of income and opportunities outside their rural community.

As Sarah embarks on this journey, she begins to suspect that those closest to her may be turning against her. Her suspicions stem from subtle hints and peculiar behaviors exhibited by her friends and neighbors. However, she remains unsure whether it is paranoia or something truly nefarious happening.

The mother-daughter duo's situation takes a turn for the worse when Emily develops a mysterious illness. Devastated, Sarah navigates through the unknown, seeking medical help and support from her community. However, their circle seems increasingly distant and unsupportive, intensifying her suspicion that something is amiss.

Sarah's determination to escape their dire circumstances intensifies as she delves deeper into her investigation. She uncovers a web of secrets, betrayal, and potentially life-threatening dangers. She finds herself caught in a terrifying predicament, not knowing whom to trust while simultaneously fighting for her daughter's health.

Driven by her maternal instincts and a desire for justice, Sarah maneuvers skillfully through her rural surroundings, facing countless obstacles and adversaries along the way. She unearths shocking revelations and confronts those who seemingly had turned on her, determined to protect herself and Emily.

Throughout the film, "They Want Me Gone" explores themes of resilience, trust, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Sarah's character evolves from a struggling woman burdened by poverty into a strong and courageous mother fighting against external forces for their survival and happiness.

The movie culminates in a heart-pounding climax as Sarah must gather her strength and face her greatest adversary, with her daughter's life hanging in the balance. Amid the turmoil, she discovers the true meaning of love, friendship, and the sacrifices one must make to secure a better future.

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