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Thelma's Turbulent Treasure Hunt

Action,Comedy,Adventure  Switzerland,United States of America 

As Thelma embarks on her journey, she encounters a diverse cast of characters who help and hinder her mission. Along the way, she learns about the dangers of modern technology and the importance of staying connected with loved ones. Thelma's determination and spunky spirit inspire those around her, and she becomes a local celebrity as news of her quest spreads.

Throughout the film, Thelma's grandson, the real target of the scam, frantically tries to track down his grandmother and make things right. The two storylines intersect in a heartwarming and suspenseful climax, as Thelma confronts the scammer and ultimately finds closure and justice. The movie ultimately serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the elderly, and the importance of standing up against those who seek to take advantage of others.

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