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Mending Hearts in an Ancient Village

Drama  Iran,France 

In the film, Behzad's relative is not actually dying, but the engineer has fabricated this story in order to take a break from his busy city life and escape to the quiet village. As he spends time in the village, Behzad slowly begins to integrate into the community and build relationships with the locals.

Behzad's interactions with the villagers challenge his preconceived notions about rural life and the people who live there. He is initially dismissive and condescending towards the villagers, but as he spends more time with them, he begins to appreciate their way of life and the simplicity and beauty of the rural setting.

Throughout the film, Behzad faces a series of challenges and changes that force him to confront his own attitudes and beliefs. He learns to appreciate the small moments and simple pleasures of village life, and ultimately finds a sense of peace and contentment in the quiet rhythms of rural Iran.

As Behzad's time in the village goes on, he comes to realize the importance of community, connection, and empathy. The film explores themes of change, adaptation, and the power of human connection in a beautifully understated and poignant way.


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