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Desperate Quest Through Fascist Rome: The Voyagers

Fantasy,Adventure,TV Movie  Italy 

As Max and his friends delve deeper into the city of Rome, they encounter various challenges, including navigating the political landscape under Mussolini's rule and dealing with the presence of fascist propaganda. Despite the dangers that they face, the group is determined to find Max's missing brother, who disappeared while working as a journalist investigating government corruption.

Along the way, Max and his friends form alliances with underground resistance groups and sympathetic locals who are willing to help them in their search. As they uncover clues and follow leads, they begin to piece together the truth behind his brother's disappearance and the dangerous secrets he had uncovered.

As tensions rise in Rome and the threat of war looms on the horizon, Max and his friends must race against time to find his brother and bring him to safety before it's too late. With their courage and determination, they navigate the treacherous streets of Mussolini's Rome, risking their lives in the pursuit of justice and the truth.

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