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Romance,Drama  Italy  2024

Casts: Orlando Cinque,Roberta Rovelli,Sveva Romano Candelletta,Alessandro Bedetti,Sabrina Paravicini

Nica and Rigel, both in their late teens, were orphaned at a young age and grew up together in a challenging environment at an orphanage. They formed a strong bond as they leaned on each other for support and navigated through the difficulties of their childhood.

As they grew older, Nica and Rigel developed an undeniable attraction towards one another. However, due to their complicated past and uncertain future, they chose to suppress their feelings and focus on building a better life for themselves.

Nica, an aspiring artist, gets accepted into a prestigious art school in a different city. Excited about the opportunity, she decides to leave the orphanage and pursue her dreams. Rigel, torn between his own feelings for Nica and not wanting to hold her back, encourages her to pursue her passion.

Over time, as they are separated, Nica and Rigel find it increasingly challenging to ignore their feelings for each other. They both struggle with the fear of jeopardizing their bond and the uncertainty of what a romantic relationship between them could mean.

While Nica is thriving in her art school, she starts to create a series of emotionally intense and beautiful artwork that captures the essence of their time together in the orphanage. Inspired by her work, Nica begins to question if her feelings for Rigel go beyond friendship and morph into something deeper.

Meanwhile, Rigel finds it hard to move on without Nica in his life. He immerses himself in his work, taking on various odd jobs and finding solace in writing poetry that explores their unique connection and how it has shaped his identity.

During a summer break, Nica comes back to visit the orphanage, hoping to spend time with Rigel. Their reunion is filled with bittersweet moments as the intensity of their feelings resurfaces, leading to a passionate kiss that changes everything.

As they explore their romantic connection and embark on a secret relationship, they are confronted with numerous challenges. The orphanage authorities forbid any intimate relationships between former residents, fearing the complications it could bring. Nica and Rigel must navigate their relationship in secrecy, trying to balance their desire for each other with the fear of being discovered and separated.

Ultimately, Nica and Rigel are forced to confront their painful past, their uncertain future, and the complexity of their feelings for each other. They must decide if love is worth risking everything they have worked for, and if their connection is strong enough to withstand the obstacles that society and their own doubts present.

As the movie progresses, The Tearsmith delves into themes of love, self-discovery, and the power of human connection, showing the transformative journey Nica and Rigel undertake as they navigate their intertwined lives.

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