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Drama  China  2023

Casts: Huang Yao,Li Qinqin,Xin Bai-Qing,Wang Hongwei,Nan Ji

As Gu Wentong and Oyang explore the local eateries of Beijing, they stumble upon a small and unassuming restaurant called The White Pagoda. Intrigued by its rustic charm and the stories surrounding the place, Gu decides to embark on a personal journey of self-reflection.

Over a series of meals at The White Pagoda, Gu engages in conversations with the restaurant's owner, Mr. Li, and other regular patrons, who share their own struggles, joys, and life lessons. Through these interactions, Gu begins to question his role as a father and his failure to maintain a healthy relationship with his own father.

Meanwhile, Gu's professional life as a food critic starts to take a toll on him. He becomes disillusioned with the superficiality of the industry, feeling that his critiques lack true authenticity. Inspired by the stories shared at The White Pagoda, Gu contemplates leaving his career behind to pursue his true passion for honest, home-cooked meals.

During this period, Gu also develops a romantic relationship with a local artist named Li Mei. Their love story parallels his journey of self-discovery and becomes a catalyst for him to confront his past mistakes and work towards becoming a better person.

As the seasons change, Gu gradually reconnects with his estranged father, seeking to make amends and heal the wounds of their broken relationship. Together, they embark on a journey of forgiveness and understanding, with The White Pagoda serving as a symbolic meeting place for their reconciliation.

In the end, Gu chooses to forgo his food critic career and opens a small restaurant of his own. Embracing his newfound purpose, he creates a space where people can gather, share stories, and find solace. The White Pagoda becomes a metaphorical representation of the interconnectedness of human experiences, a place where individuals come together to heal, grow, and ultimately find hope and redemption.

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