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Riders of the Patagonian Frontier

Drama,Western  Argentina,Chile,Denmark,France,Germany,Sweden,Taiwan,United Kingdom 

"The Settlers" is a historical drama set in early 20th century Chile, focusing on the ambitious project of José Menéndez, a wealthy landowner. He hires three skilled horsemen to undertake a challenging task: to mark out the perimeter of his vast property and establish a route to the Atlantic Ocean, traversing the harsh and desolate region of Patagonia.

The film delves into the lives of the three horsemen, who come from different backgrounds but share a common goal. Antonio, a seasoned ranch hand with extensive knowledge of the land, joins the group along with Pedro, a local indigenous Mapuche man who is both curious and apprehensive about entering unknown territories. The third horseman, Alberto, is an adventurous young man seeking to prove his worth.

As the horsemen embark on this arduous journey, they face various challenges and dangers. Patagonia's unforgiving terrain tests their physical endurance and survival skills every step of the way. They encounter extreme weather conditions, treacherous mountains, uncharted rivers, and hostile wildlife, which jeopardize their progress and unity.

During their expedition, the horsemen also face encounters with the local Mapuche communities who inhabit the region. These indigenous people, suspicious of the outsiders, provide hurdles for the horsemen to gain their trust and negotiate peaceful passage through their ancestral lands. These interactions shed light on the complex dynamics between indigenous communities and the encroaching settlers during this historical period.

Along their journey, there are internal conflicts amongst the horsemen themselves, as their differing backgrounds and personalities clash. They struggle with personal demons, trust issues, and differing views on the ethics of Menéndez's expansive land ownership. Despite these conflicts, the horsemen are united by their determination to complete the task entrusted to them.

As they press forward, enduring physical and emotional hardships, they gradually succeed in marking out Menéndez's property and establishing an important path to the Atlantic Ocean. The film explores the consequences of their actions on the local communities, the eventual impact of settler colonization in the region, and the lasting legacy of their endeavor.

"The Settlers" presents a compelling narrative that highlights the challenges faced by pioneers in early 20th century Chile, while also exploring themes of colonization, identity, and the clash between tradition and progress.

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