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The Cyber Crime Collaboration

Crime,Action,Drama  South Korea 

As Ma Seok-do, Jang Deok-su, and their team continue their investigation into the illegal online gambling business, they uncover a web of corruption and crime that goes far deeper than they originally thought. They discover that the gambling operation is just the tip of the iceberg, with connections to high-ranking officials and influential figures in society.

As they get closer to taking down the criminals, Ma Seok-do faces betrayal from within his own team as one of his closest colleagues is revealed to be working for the enemy. With danger closing in on all sides, Ma must navigate a treacherous path to bring the criminals to justice and protect the ones he cares about.

As the stakes get higher and the danger intensifies, Ma Seok-do and his team must use all their skills and determination to bring down the criminals and restore order to the city. Along the way, they uncover shocking secrets and face off against powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to protect their illicit business. Can Ma Seok-do overcome the odds and come out on top in this thrilling game of cat and mouse?

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