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Drama,Mystery,Thriller  United States of America  2022

Casts: William R. Moses,Jim True-Frost,Bryan Greenberg,Michael Gladis,Blaine Maye

"The Mental State" takes place in a small town in rural Kentucky and revolves around the life of Ethan, a high school senior. One morning, tragedy strikes when a dangerous shooter attacks the school, leaving several students injured and traumatized.

As the town recovers from the shocking incident, Ethan becomes fixated on understanding the shooter's motives. Being deeply affected by the horrifying event, Ethan starts investigating the shooter's background and attempts to uncover the truth behind their identity and intentions. He becomes increasingly obsessed with finding answers and dives into an intense journey of self-discovery.

Ethan's quest for understanding takes a toll on his family, who are struggling to cope with their own grief and fear. His parents, Sarah and Mark, attempt to support him while grappling with their own emotions. Their relationship becomes strained as Ethan's obsession with the shooter starts to consume their lives.

With each lead Ethan uncovers, he unravels a dark web of secrets that exposes the underlying issues that plague their seemingly peaceful town. Through his investigation, Ethan discovers that there might be more to the shooter's story than meets the eye. He encounters unexpected allies, uncovering longstanding grudges, hidden agendas, and a sinister conspiracy that extends far beyond the initial incident.

As Ethan delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the shooter, he realizes that he must confront the truth head-on, even if it means putting himself and his loved ones in grave danger. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about forgiveness, compassion, and the resilience of the human spirit. Ultimately, Ethan's relentless pursuit of truth leads him to question not just the shooter's mental state, but his own as well.

"The Mental State" is a gripping and emotional drama that explores the aftermath of a school shooting and its ripple effects on individuals, families, and an entire community. It delves into the complexities of human nature, the impact of trauma, and the search for understanding in the face of tragedy.

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