Free watch The Love Issue Movie online

TV Movie,Comedy,Drama,Romance  Canada  2023

Casts: Brendee Green,Sima Sepehri,Yan Joseph,Alicia Josipovic,Lindsay Owen Pierre

As the fake relationship between the beauty editor and photographer continues, they begin to attract attention from their colleagues and readers alike. The magazine's reputation starts to improve as their chemistry shines through in their work together.

However, the beauty editor struggles with her growing feelings for the photographer, as she is still technically her boss's ex-girlfriend. The photographer, on the other hand, finds himself falling for the beauty editor as he helps her rediscover her fun-loving side.

As they navigate their fake relationship and the complications that come with it, they must also confront their own insecurities and past relationships. Will they be able to keep their personal feelings in check and continue their successful partnership, or will their growing attraction threaten everything they've worked for?

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