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Drama  United States of America  2007

Casts: Shmuel Shiloh,Nathan Ravitz,Rami Heuberger,Zachi Noy,Theodore Bikel

"The Little Traitor" is a film adaptation of "Panther in the Basement" by Amos Oz. The story revolves around Proffy Liebowitz, an eleven-year-old Jewish boy living in Palestine in 1947, during the final months of British occupation and shortly before the establishment of Israel as a state.

Proffy, despite his young age, is passionate and deeply involved in the Zionist movement. He despises the British presence in his homeland and dreams of them leaving so that he can reclaim his nation's independence. He joins a group of other young Jewish boys who actively resist the British.

One fateful day, Proffy encounters Sergeant Dunlop, a British soldier who patrols his neighborhood. Unexpectedly, Proffy forms an unlikely friendship with Dunlop, seeing him as a sympathetic and understanding person. The two begin to spend time together, sharing stories, experiences, and glimpses of their lives. Dunlop, in turn, develops a fondness for Proffy and appreciates his passionate spirit.

Proffy is caught between his loyalty to his people and his growing attachment to Dunlop. As the relationship deepens, Proffy grapples with conflicting emotions and begins to question the uncompromising nature of his beliefs. He faces criticism from his friends and family, who see his connection with the enemy as an act of betrayal.

The film explores Proffy's internal struggle, delving into themes of friendship, empathy, and the complexities of identity in a time of conflict. As Proffy becomes torn between his ideals and his personal connection with Sergeant Dunlop, he learns valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, and the importance of compassion even in the midst of ethnic and political tensions.

"The Little Traitor" provides a touching story that showcases the coming-of-age journey of a young boy, forced to confront the complexities of the world and the choices he must make to find his own path.

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