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The Eternal Battle: Tolstoy's Struggle for Truth and Wealth

Drama,Romance  United Kingdom,Germany,Russia 

Sure! In "The Last Station," Countess Sofya becomes increasingly desperate to secure her own future and that of her children as Leo Tolstoy's health declines. She fiercely opposes Tolstoy's decision to renounce all personal wealth and property in favor of a socialist commune, and believes that his disciple, Vladimir Chertkov, is manipulating him for personal gain.

Meanwhile, Chertkov believes that preserving Tolstoy's legacy and spreading his ideas to the masses is the most important goal, even if it means alienating Tolstoy's own family. As tensions between the two factions escalate, Tolstoy himself struggles to reconcile his desire for a simple, spiritual life with the demands of fame and influence.

The film explores themes of love, betrayal, and the conflict between individual desires and the greater good. It also delves into the complexities of Tolstoy's beliefs and the impact of his legacy on those around him. Ultimately, "The Last Station" offers a poignant and intimate portrait of one of history's greatest writers and thinkers.


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