Watch The Iron-Fisted Monk Movie English Subtitles

Shaolin Vengeance: Sammo Hung's Directorial Triumph

Action  Hong Kong 

Husker and his Buddhist pal, along with a group of factory workers who have also been trained in kung fu, set out to take on the Manchu fighters who are oppressing them. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, including traitors within their own group who are secretly working for the Manchus.

As the group's fighting skills improve, they start to strike back against the Manchus, leading to epic and intense martial arts battles. Meanwhile, Husker also discovers a romantic interest in a local woman who becomes caught up in the conflict.

Throughout the film, there are themes of loyalty, betrayal, honor, and justice as Husker and his allies fight for their freedom and seek vengeance for the wrongs committed against them. The Iron-Fisted Monk showcases Sammo Hung's incredible martial arts skills and his ability to blend action, drama, and comedy in a thrilling and entertaining way.


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