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Inferno in Paris: Clash of Investigators

Comedy,Action  France 

The Infallibles follow the story of Alia and Hugo, two very different police officers who are forced to work together on the high-profile robbery case in Paris. Alia is headstrong and impulsive, while Hugo is methodical and by-the-book. Their conflicting personalities clash as they attempt to work together to solve the case.

As they dive deeper into the investigation, they uncover a web of corruption and deceit within the police force, leading them to question who they can trust. As they navigate through the dangerous underworld of Paris, they also find themselves developing a begrudging respect for each other's skills and a growing attraction between them.

As they get closer to the truth behind the robbery, Alia and Hugo must navigate the complexities of their own budding relationship while also dealing with the increasing danger of their investigation. Their journey will test their abilities and their moral compass as they race against time to bring the robbers to justice and restore order to Paris.

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