Free watch The Hunt for Johnny Ringo Movie online

Western  Canada  2014

Casts: Peter Whittaker,Brennan Martin,Michael Paré,Mike Tarp,Mac Dale

As the hunt for the counterfeit Johnny Ringo intensifies, the real outlaw Johnny Ringo finds himself drawn back to Dead Eyes, a town he once called home. With the weight of the crimes committed in his name weighing on his conscience, Johnny is determined to prove his innocence and put an end to the chaos.

Meanwhile, Bat Masterson, a legendary lawman known for his sharp wit and quick draw, arrives in Dead Eyes to investigate the mounting violent incidents. Skeptical of Johnny's claims of innocence, Masterson initially sees him as just another criminal trying to clear his name. However, upon witnessing Johnny's desperateness to solve the mystery, Masterson begins to question his assumptions.

Together, Ringo and Masterson reluctantly team up, setting aside their differences and personal vendettas, to unravel the tangled web of deception. They delve into the seedy underbelly of Dead Eyes, interrogating suspects and following leads that lead them deeper into a conspiracy involving corruption, betrayal, and vengeance.

As they dig deeper, they uncover a network of criminals, including a notorious gang leader, who is using Johnny Ringo's name as a means to manipulate the town for their own nefarious purposes. The counterfeit Ringo, revealed to be an imposter seeking to take over Dead Eyes, has been orchestrating the crimes to sow fear and chaos, ultimately driving out anyone who could oppose him.

With the help of a resourceful local saloon owner and a brave young gunslinger seeking redemption, Ringo and Masterson wage a high-stakes battle to expose the imposter and restore peace to Dead Eyes. Facing danger at every turn, they engage in thrilling shootouts and chase scenes, showcasing their legendary skills and unwavering determination.

As the truth unravels, Ringo and Masterson find themselves entangled in a final confrontation, realizing that they must face their own demons in order to bring the imposter to justice. In a dramatic climax, they confront the imposter, leading to an explosive showdown that tests their skills, loyalty, and the very meaning of justice.

In the end, as Dead Eyes begins to heal from the imposter's reign of terror, Ringo and Masterson part ways, forever changed by their unlikely partnership. They leave behind a town that has regained its peace, with the legend of their alliance forever etched in the annals of Wild West history.

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