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The Haunting of St. Joseph's Guesthouse: The Hanged Girl's Revenge

Horror,Thriller  United Kingdom 

As the friends settle into the guesthouse, they begin experiencing strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena. Doors slam shut on their own, objects move by themselves, and eerie whispering can be heard in the halls at night.

One by one, the friends start to have terrifying encounters with the malevolent spirit of The Hanged Girl. They see her apparition hanging from the rafters, her eyes filled with anger and sorrow. They also hear her cries for justice, blaming them for staying in the guesthouse where she met her tragic end.

As the friends try to uncover the truth behind The Hanged Girl's death, they realize that the accused witchcraft and sacrifice may have been orchestrated by someone in their own group. Secrets come to light, tensions rise, and the friends must confront their own guilt and complicity in the tragedy that took place centuries ago.

As the spirit of The Hanged Girl grows stronger and more vengeful, the friends must band together to perform a ritual to appease her restless soul and put her to rest once and for all. But will they be able to succeed before it's too late, or will they fall victim to the wrath of The Hanged Girl?

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