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Shadows of Redemption: Unmasking Our Demons

Horror,Thriller  United Kingdom 

As the mysterious gunman continues to taunt and terrorize the support group members, tensions run high among the group as they all have their own secrets and suspicions about each other.

One member, Sarah, seems to have a particularly troubled past and is constantly on edge, leading the others to speculate about her involvement with the gunman. Another member, Mark, is a former drug dealer who has been using the group as a way to make amends for his past actions.

As the group delves deeper into their shared history, they uncover a dark secret that connects them all to the tragedy that the gunman is seeking vengeance for. They must come to terms with their past mistakes and confront their demons in order to find a way to outwit the gunman and survive the night.

As the tension mounts and the group becomes increasingly desperate, they must rely on each other and their shared bonds of support to unravel the mystery of the gunman's identity and put an end to the deadly game before it's too late.

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