The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story Movie online streaming full

Captive: The Tanya Kach Story of Survival and Courage

Crime,Drama  United States of America 

Tanya Kach is a 14-year-old high school student, who is feeling isolated and lonely due to family issues and struggles at school. She finds solace in her friendship with Tom Hose, a school security guard who takes an interest in her and offers her attention and affection.

As their friendship develops, Tom gradually manipulates and grooms Tanya, eventually luring her to his home where he sexually abuses and holds her captive for 10 years. Tanya becomes completely isolated from the outside world and is forced to live a life of fear and control.

Despite her captivity, Tanya finds the strength to resist Tom's abuse and begins to search for a way to escape. She takes small, dangerous steps towards freedom, including reaching out to a friend through letters and making contact with a lawyer.

Ultimately, Tanya's bravery and determination lead to her escape and Tom's arrest. The film portrays her journey of survival, resilience, and eventual freedom after enduring a decade of captivity and abuse. It highlights the powerful impact of Tanya's courage to reclaim her life and seek justice.

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