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Hustlers in Silicon Valley: The Scheme to Outsmart a Billionaire

Comedy  United States of America 

Sure! In The Disruptors, Will and Glenn come up with a plan to rip off Will's ride-share customers by manipulating the app to charge them extra fees. However, things quickly spiral out of control when one of their victims catches on to their scheme and reports them to the authorities.

In a desperate attempt to turn their luck around, Will and Glenn hatch a new plan to scam famed venture capitalist billionaire Bruce Marcus. They manage to convince Bruce that they have a revolutionary new tech product that will change the world, and he agrees to invest millions of dollars in their fake company.

But as they get in deeper and deeper with Bruce, Will and Glenn start to realize that their con may have bigger consequences than they ever imagined. As they struggle to keep up their façade and dodge the law, they must also confront the moral implications of their actions and decide if their friendship is strong enough to survive the fallout.

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