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The Haunting of Agnes

Horror,Mystery,History  Austria,Germany 

The movie "The Devil's Bath" is set in 18th century Austria, where small villages are surrounded by deep forests. Agnes, a young woman, is sentenced to death after being accused of killing a baby. She maintains her innocence and protests her sentence, but the villagers are convinced of her guilt.

Meanwhile, Agnes is also preparing for her wedding to her loved one, and she bravely faces the prospect of starting a new life as a spouse. However, as the wedding approaches, she begins to experience strange and troubling symptoms. Her head and heart feel heavy, and she finds herself increasingly consumed by dark and sinister thoughts.

As the wedding day arrives, Agnes becomes more and more trapped in a murky and lonely path, and she starts to question her own sanity. She begins to wonder if there is something truly evil inside her, driving her to these disturbing thoughts.

As the movie unfolds, Agnes grapples with her own inner demons, trying to understand what is happening to her and struggling against the forces of darkness that seem to be taking over her mind and soul. The villagers, too, are split in their opinions about Agnes, with some believing in her innocence while others are convinced of her guilt.

The film is a haunting and atmospheric exploration of fear, superstition, and the power of the human mind to be led astray by forces beyond its control. It delves into the themes of guilt, innocence, and the thin line between good and evil, all set against the backdrop of a remote and mysterious forest landscape.

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