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Divine Rebellion: Unraveling Faith in a Troubled Town

Drama  United Kingdom 

Robert Eastwood, a sheltered and devout young boy, finds his beliefs challenged when he attends school and discovers that not everyone shares his religious views. As he grapples with his faith and questions the teachings of his mother and church, he befriends Marcus, a rebellious teenager who introduces him to a world of teenage rebellion and secular beliefs.

The tension between Robert's religious upbringing and his newfound friendships intensifies when he stumbles upon a dead body in the woods. Convinced that God has sent him a sign, Robert becomes consumed with the idea that the Devil is lurking just outside the town of his dead mining town.

As Robert becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea of evil and the supernatural, his relationships with those around him begin to unravel. His mother, determined to bring Jesus' love to the community, clashes with his growing skepticism, while Marcus becomes concerned for Robert's mental well-being.

The Devil Outside explores themes of religion, faith, and the complexities of belief, as Robert grapples with the conflicting messages he receives from the world around him. The film delves into the everyday madness of adolescence and the struggle to find truth and meaning in a world full of uncertainty.


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