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Scandalous Secrets: A Desperate Journey for Redemption

Drama  Belgium,France,Morocco 

Fatima-Zahra is a former drug addict and exotic dancer who has been running from her troubled past for years. Selim, her son, has always been the one to take care of her and keep her out of trouble. However, when he starts digging into their past, he discovers that they have been on the run from a dangerous criminal organization who has been using them for illegal activities.

As they settle in Tangier and Fatima-Zahra tries to turn her life around, Selim becomes more and more determined to uncover the truth about their past. The criminal organization catches up to them in Tangier, threatening to expose their secrets and destroy the new life they have been trying to build.

With their backs against the wall, Fatima-Zahra and Selim must confront their demons and confront the dangerous forces that have been chasing them. The volatile mother-son relationship is pushed to its limits as they fight to stay alive and make a fresh start in a new city. The movie explores themes of redemption, family bonds, and the consequences of running from your past.

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