Free watch The Canterville Ghost Movie online

Animation,Comedy,Family,Fantasy  Canada,United Kingdom  2023

Casts: Elizabeth Sankey,Stephen Fry,Miranda Hart,Imelda Staunton,Freddie Highmore

As the American family settles in, they quickly become aware of the ghost's presence, but instead of being terrified, they find him more annoying than scary. The ghost, Sir Simon, is frustrated by the family's lack of fear and tries various scare tactics to no avail. The family's teenage daughter, Virginia, is the only one who truly believes in the ghost's existence and tries to help him find peace.

Through a series of events, Virginia learns about Sir Simon's tragic past and helps him confront his guilt over a past misdeed. In the end, the ghost is able to finally find peace and move on from haunting Canterville Chase.

The film blends elements of comedy, drama, and supernatural, showcasing the power of forgiveness and redemption. It also explores themes of family dynamics, acceptance, and the power of belief.

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